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Limited Titles | I thought I owned that?
Do you know whether you have a guaranteed title or are you in possession of a limited title? This is a huge problem when real estate agents or solicitors don’t alert you to the pitfalls of owning a limited title. Your neighbour can claim parts of your land so long as he has occupied it for more than 20 years and he can prove the fences predate the issue of the first certificate of title. Even if you have paid rates on this land for 100 years! Read about this boundary nightmare.... Remedy is to have the limitations removed by having a licensed surveyor carry out a full survey on your property.

Boundaries | Neighbour built a deck on my land!
By not questioning your neighbour’s building plans and not getting a licensed surveyor to identify your legal boundary (remember it is not necessarily the fence!) you could be in danger of allowing your neighbour to occupy land which is legally yours. If you fail to question them you could end up in a long drawn out legal battle over the new construction. Remedy is to have  a licensed surveyor carry out a boundary definition on your property.

Easements | Should I be digging here?

You are digging out for the foundations and you hit a pipe that was legally covered by an easement but you didn’t know it was there! A surveyor in the first instance will establish your exact boundaries AND all the easements that may cross your property. It is worthwhile engaging a licensed surveyor at the beginning so you avoid any future delays or possible shutdowns. Only a licensed surveyor has access to the detail of information regarding your property, its boundaries, encroachments, encumbrances and restrictions. 
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