I thought I owned that?

Do you know whether you have a guaranteed title or are you in possession of a limited title? This is a huge problem when real estate agents or solicitors don’t alert you to the pitfalls of owning a limited title. Your neighbour can claim parts of your land so long as he has occupied it for more than 20 years and he can prove the fences predate the issue of the first certificate of title. Even if you have paid rates on this land for 100 years! Check out this boundary nightmare.... Remedy is to have the limitations removed by having a licensed surveyor carry out a full survey on your property.

Neighbour built a deck on my land!

By not questioning your neighbour’s building plans and not getting a licensed surveyor to identify your legal boundary (not necessarily the fence!) you could be in danger of allowing your neighbour to occupy land which is yours. If you fail to question them you could end up in a long drawn out legal battle over the new construction.

Should I be digging here?

You are digging out for the foundations and you hit a pipe that was legally covered by an easement but you didn’t know it was there! A surveyor in the first instance will establish your exact boundaries AND all the easements that may cross your property. It is worthwhile engaging a licensed surveyor at the beginning so you avoid any future delays or possible shutdowns. Only a licensed surveyor has access to the detail of information regarding your property, its boundaries, encroachments, encumbrances and restrictions.



Topographic surveying

Your architect may have asked for a site plan? Or your builder might want a site plan to determine where the fences sit in relation to the boundaries? Or maybe you just want to landscape your garden and need a site plan to start with? A topographical survey will satisfy all these. Here at GeoSync we pride ourselves in an efficient service providing detailed (and pretty) site plans.

From large scale topographical surveys for planning a subdivision to a small backyard topo for a house extension, GeoSync can provide you or your architect with a scaled detailed drawing on which you can base all of your future decisions for your property. 

3D laser scanning

3D Laser scanning is the future – capturing accurate (1-2mm) detailed 3D data in slightly more time than it takes to photograph the same area. This method of data capture is ideal for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access; with a very short capture time you can have every part of the area covered and you never have to return for more data.

Buildings inside and out, dangerous roads, detailed pipework, rock faces, yachts, the applications are endless. GeoSync can capture all the data you require using the 3D laser scanner, and convert it to a drawing for your design team.

Locating boundaries

Are you having trouble finding your boundaries? Are you in disputes with your neighbours? Do you hold a limited title? All of these things can create unrest and disharmony if there is a misunderstanding or incorrect assumption about where the boundary lies in relation to the actual fence lines. GeoSync can locate your boundaries, and if required replace old pegs with new boundary markers.

Building set out

Sometimes the positioning of a house is crucial or the local council requires a surveyors certification to say the dwelling has been set out by a licensed surveyor. Sometimes it is height that is crucial due to flood levels. GeoSync can provide accurate three dimensional setout information for builders on site. 


Whether rural, residential, commercial or industrial, GeoSync will carry out all stages of the subdivision process – from the initial topographical survey, through to the design of the roads, sewer, water and stormwater. GeoSync can manage the entire resource consent process through the construction of your subdivision to the final release of the Section 224c certificate from Council. Find out how we can help make your next subdivision as stress free and smooth as possible.



Do you have a database of information that you would love to see graphically? GeoSync can create a Geographic Information System for your business using your existing data. We can add layers that will make your searching and analysis more meaningful. It can be as simple or as complex as you like – the power of a GIS is limitless.



Resource consents

A resource consent application is required for all subdivisions, in all districts. A subdivision consent application must consist of

  • a scheme plan (scaled drawing) outlining the proposal

  • a detailed report

  • an assessment of environmental effects.


For a controlled activity these items are submitted to the local council for approval.


If the application is discretionary or non-complying, further information may be required

  • Affected parties consents (includes but not limited to neighbours, DOC, Iwi, Fire Department)

  • Landscape Report

  • Contaminated Soils Report

  • Building Platform and drainage suitability report (sometimes required for a controlled activity)

Land use consents

GeoSync can carry out any type of land use consent from earth moving to water discharge permits, consents to move a building on to a site, or a change of use application. Any application to Council that requires detailed reporting, affected parties approvals, plans or assessment of environmental effects are the domain of GeoSync.

Project feasibility reports

Do you know if your subdivision is actually going to make you any money – are you aware of the hidden costs and potential pitfalls? GeoSync can provide you with a clear easy to understand breakdown of the process and an estimate of costs you will incur along the way. A full feasibility report relies on the latest contractors figures for construction of infrastructure.